Subwoofer V2: Tutorial and FS, Keep your rear speakers! by StereoInstaller1

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Subwoofer V2: Tutorial and FS, Keep your rear speakers!

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OK, guys, I wanna shut off the Visa machine by the first, so jump NOW, since I don't take anything but Visa/MC or cash.

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Things you will need are:

Big burly drill with 3 1/2" hole saw (expect this to be hard to find, BTW)

Screw gun with Phillips bit

Measuring tape, small sharpie

4 3"ish screws, plus whatever needed to mount your woofer and such.

1/4 sheet of 1/4" tempered hardboard

1 can of spray glue

Scissors, miscellaneous tools, stuff, minimum of 3 tacos, likely 1 liter of Mountain Dew, beer, etc. General project tools, basically.

So here we go:

1 1/2" screw gun with hole saw attached to installer:

If I can get my fat old ass in this trunk, so can you. Get comfy!

Now, measure carefully inside the trunk:

From the metal lip under the rear deck, measure 2 1/2" towards the rear of the car and 2" in from the edge of the brace (look where the metal lip attaches to the underside of the rear deck)

Originally, I planned 3" back, but I moved it forward just a 1/2", so the port is easier to clear the back of the box

I used the drill bit to start the holes, make sure you get all the way through the rear deck. After you have the holes done, cut the big 3 1/2" holes...DO NOT GET METAL IN YOUR EYES!!!

First hole done:

Now do it FUCKING precise here, guys!

IF it does not look like this, you are fucked.

So now, install the box.

Do the bottom screws first then the top. Basically, 4 screws around the ski boot hole holds this bastard very precisely in place. Now wrap the port tubes in duct tape so they fit TIGHTLY in place, inside the ports in the box.

When done, it should look like this:

Get your amp installed, then you can have flowers: