Armrest Cover DIY

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Armrest Cover DIY

1. First pull out the rear ash-tray. Just grab and edge and pull it up. Don't rip it out of the car yet, disconnect the connector first.

2. The ashtray cavity will reveal two philips screws - remove them (removed in picture here).

3. Use the philips scredriver to remove the spring, just dislodge it from the catches and it will come off easy.

4. Remove the two hinges, they need to be pulled out. Note the way they go out, you will have to put them in the same way.

5. Wriggle the armrest a bit to dislodge it, might help to remove the two trim pieces visible on this picture (narrow one is armrest, then there's the trim piece, then the center wide piece that stays - thus far, then the other trim piece you need to dislodge). Wedge them with a screwdriver slightly to make them disengage.

6. This entire part should come off the car. Remove the two trim pieces you dislodged in step above and note the way they came in.

7. Dislodge the center, wide trim piece.

8. The armrest top and bottom lids will now separate.

9. Remove the upper lid's inner trim, there are two plastic prongs you need to remove...

10. ... two screws near the hingest (hidden under little plastic circles you need to pry off)... and a bunch of latches. Wedge the inner trim with a flathead or small philips screwdriver to get it to disengage.

11. Remove the hinge by taking out the two screws.


12. Using an X-acto knife cut off the old armrest cover (vinyl factory one).


13. Using glue install the new cover instead. You might want to ask somebody to help you hold it down after you position it and while you glue it on, or you might want to consider using clamps. 


Either way, just take your time but don't let the glue set before you get the armrest on right.

14. Reinstall the armrest in the reverse order of removing it.

Useful tip

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