BMW MK4 NAVTEQ Navigation DVD Pictorial and Video Review by delmarco

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BMW MK4 NAVTEQ Navigation DVD Pictorial and Video Review

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This is a quick discussion reviewing the Navteq BMW DVD made for the MK4 and other BMW DVD loaded navigation computers from the years 2003 thru 2009.

The DVD I use in this review is from 2004 and is a 2004.2 edition vesion of the NavTeq disc.

- Covers entire USA and Canada. There is no need to switch East and West Coast DVDs or Regional CDs in and out of your DVD computer. This is great for those who tend to do lots of intercontinental road trips or those who live on the EAST/WEST line where the Tele Atlas DVDs are split.

- Map Screen Graphics and refresh rate are very good and on par with the 2010 and 2011 Tele Atlas DVDs. Colors are crisp and various elements of the map is well defined and distinct.

-Routing speeds are not noticably slower than the 2010+ Tele Atlas DVDs.

- Uses all of the new version MK4 tricks and features such as Split Screen, Perspective, New map and icon colors...

- DVD case insert explains how to use and troubleshoot the DVD features and POIs.

- You can also create and store your own POIs or frequent destination in the MK4 using the the DVDs. So this means you can add new and recent POIs that would be useful to you regardless of if the 2004 - 2009 DVD does not have it. This way you can pretty much extend the life of the DVD and extend the usefulness of the DVDs even if they are old editions.

- Price. Compared to the $200+ price tag of the current year Tele Atlas DVDs you can't possible go wrong with buying one of these off eBay for $20 - $50.

- Because everything is on one DVD not every POI and map element will be covered. The disclaimer is that rural areas and areas with little or no commercial or tourism traffic will not be covered as well as other areas. So if you live in a rural area like Ayr, ND or the farmlands or Arkansas then some back road/street names and POI features will be absent from the DVD. If you live in a metro area or an area where there is moderate amount of commercial/tourism traffic then you will be okay as you will find all your local street names and POIs covered.

- If you live in an area where lots have changed (roads and housing developments) since 2004 - 2009 then buying these DVDs at the time of this writing may not be beneficial for you. Even in Westchester there are a few McMansion cul de sacs that seem to have went up in the last few months alone. These areas generally do not affect the existing roadway infracture or add anything useful in terms of POIs but for those who are picky or live in these prefab developments the NavTeq maps may show only what was there before your home was built.

-Unlike the 2010+ Tele Atlas DVDs, the Navteq DVD does not include maps for Puerto Rico and Mexico .

4 out of 5 stars