E46 Dual Rear Fog Lights Modification: Pictures! by delmarco

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E46 Dual Rear Fog Lights Modification: Pictures! 

Compliments of delmarco @ www.bimmerfest.com


So it was a little over a year ago that I did the modification to activate both rear fog lamps that are factory pre-configured on all E46 BMW cars from 1998 thru 9/2001. The DIY cost me literally around $30 (required were bulbs, 20 gauge wiring, and the euro rear fog LKM) and the work took less than 2 hrs to complete.


A year later and it is one of my favorite and most effective mod for what it does: First stunning and then warding off annoying tailgaters and truckers.

It is also a great winter time modification for making your car's rear end more visible to other motorists on the road during snow and rain storms.

Tail Lamps Off-Parked:

Tails On-Normal Driving:

Rear Fogs On-Back off/Do not tail gate.