Power steering lines replacement & complete power steering FLUSH by Starless

By diyauto
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Power steering lines replacement & complete power steering FLUSH 

Compliments of Starless @ bimmerfest.com


Hello, everybody. I was replacing my P/S lines yesterday and doing the complete system flush. I took pictures and made this picture guide. The reason for doing this was that some lines were leaking at a couple of spots and the P/S pump started making louder noise than it used to. After everything is completed, I'm enjoying the non-leaking P/S system and silently working pump. 

I hope somebody finds this info helpful. All the text is in the pictures. Enjoy!

P.S You know how it works: I'm not responsible if you decide to do the same using my write up and something goes wrong. This is for your information only. I do not reccomend following these instructions if you do not know what you are doing.


Great detail with photos!

Posted by Diggymart on 5/8/19 @ 2:33:22 PM