Rear fog activation DIY by GregW

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Rear fog activation DIY

Compliments of GregW in Oregon @


Thanks to Jinxter's impetus, I have installed the Euro rear fog switch. It's really easy. I know he will be following up with a further enhancement of this mod, but I thought I'd post a basic DIY. Hint, the front fog switch can be utilized for something like a radar detector or lidar jammer.

1) Part number is 61 31 6 932 796, "Control El", $87.40 list

2) Starting at the outside (door side), gently pry out the edge of the trim piece that contains the left air vent. There are two prongs that are a friction fit.

3) Through the hole created, pull out the lower piece containing the light switch. It is a friction fit with 3 prongs.

4) Disconnect the light switch from the panel by depressing and releasing the two tabs on the top and two on the bottom.

5) Disconnect the electrical by rotating the lock lever and pulling out.

6) Connect the electrical to the new switch.

7) Attach the new switch to the panel, making sure each tab "clicks" into the lcoked position.

8) Reinstall the two removed panels by pushing gently back into place.

The two rear fogs can now be turned on with the lower push switch. Warning: These are very bright, so only use them when it's really foggy (or maybe some A*hole is tailgating you).