The mod. of my///M3 floor mats by ///M Power-Belgium

By diyauto
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The mod. of my///M3 floor mats 

Compliments of ///M Power-Belgium @


I have seen a few months ago a member with floor mats mod.with ///M3 logo, he has a Fire Orange and he did the double stitching around his floor mats in body color of his car, so in FO,and i was thinking....mmmmm...actualy i like this,it's a small mod. and gives a sporty and more luxury look .
Now i have done that too,but with a real leather edge (accent,board) around my floor mats with ///M3 logo .
The leather that i have chosen is almost a perfect match with the body color of my car...Silverstone II,in the pics it looks too white,but in person it looks ok.
It was 75 Euros >>> $ 101 USD and was done here >>>
Guys.....what do you think about this mod. ok or nok ?
Comments are welcome..............


Took me a 30 min. search ,thread seems gone...
And found only 1 pic....


Looks great!

Posted by Diggymart on 2/19/19 @ 2:35:45 PM