Remove Engine

Vehicle: 1988 BMW 525e
Time/Difficulty: 3-5 hours
By diyauto
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We started our S52 swap and wanted to share the engine removal process.

First started by removing the hood. The wiper motor and washer fluid line needed to be disconnected as well.

Next is to start removing all the accessories: electrical wires, air intake, and cables. As well as start to drain the fluids: oil and coolant.

Started to work on the radiator.

Steve going underneath to drain the radiator.


Charbel working on disconnecting the throttle cable.

Its getting there. Coolant is drained time to remove radiator.

Steve going underneath to drain the oil.

Most of the accessories are removed, its almost time to go underneath!

Steve removing the ECU from the glove box.

Once you unplug the ECU there is an additional 5 pin plug next to the hole in the firewall. After unplugging that you can push the engine harness through the firewall.

Charbel finishing off with the engine mounts.

Remove the oil pan after its all drained.

Jack up the vehicle, and start removing the transmission bolts, driveshaft, and exhaust.

We got everything loose and ready for the cherry picker. Will re-update once we pull the engine out!