Remove wheel/tire

Vehicle: 1988 BMW 525e
Time/Difficulty: 5-10 min per wheel
Tools Needed:
  • Jack
  • Stand
  • Socket
  • Wrench
  • Breaker bar
  • Torque wrench
By diyauto
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Wanted to share my wheel remove how-to. It is fairly basic, but once you get familiar you can really start to dive into working on your vehicle.

Start by parking on a level surface, put your car in gear and or use e-brake too.

Use wheel stops on one of your tires to stop the car from rolling when raising and lowering. I tend to keep mine on the opposite end of the vehicle, if I'm jacking up the front left wheel, stops are located on the rear right wheel.

Then you'll need to get down and find your jack points, luckily on this ride the frame is very visible and easy to get a solid mount.

Proceed to break your lugs loose, don't remove or loosen all the way. Breaking the lugs helps remove the wheel when it is off the ground and there is no weight assisting you.

Then start to raise the vehicle with the jack, then transferring the weight to the stand. I like to keep the jack in position as it makes raising and lowering easier and in case of any issues, it is ready.

Now that the wheel is in the air, remove all lugs and pull wheel off. If wheel is stuck or not budging, use rubber mallet or dead blow and hit around outer edge of tire to loosen off the hub.

While the wheel is off it is good to inspect all your assemblies, as well as the tire itself. I like to roll and tire and see if there are any nails or irregularities. Once you completed your inspection you can mount the tire back on the hub.

I like to apply pressure and tighten all lugs by hand first. Then I tighten them all down with a socket wrench before I start to lower. I proceed with jack half down so there is good amount of pressure on the wheel. I use a breaker bar to get everything snug, lower all the way to the ground and proceed with a torque wrench to the desired ft-lbs.

To be safe I usually check all my lugs at least twice after two short trips around the neighborhood. This insures you don't miss anything and don't loose your wheel while driving. Hope this helps! Happy wrenching!