Earthquake under seat speakers install by 30yrVeteran

By diyauto
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Earthquake under seat speakers install

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I dropped a couple "Earthquake SWS-8X" speakers in this weekend and they sound pretty good. I set them up in a mid-bass role and coupled with the sub in the trunk, the Logic 7 system now thumps pretty hard.

It was a pretty simple install and contrary to some of the other DIY's, you don't need special spacers or longer mounting screws. All you need is some rubber weather-stripping, a little silicone sealant and some plastic material to make a block off plate (I used a telephone jack plate lol).

If anyone has any questions, let me know.

DIY - 6 Series Earthquake speaker installation.pdf

1. "Earthquake SWS-8X" 8" 4 ohm (2 ohm are available as well).

2. Using a JBL GTO4001 4-channel amp (600 watts RMS)(100 watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms, 150 watts RMS into 2 ohms and 300 watts RMS per channel bridged). Running the Earthquakes on the front two channels and the trunk sub bridged on the rear channels.

3. The Logic 7 amp puts out 70 watts per channel into the 8" factory underseat subs.