Vehicle: 2001 BMW 740iL
Time/Difficulty: ~20 min
Parts Needed:
  • VW MAF Sensor
Tools Needed:
  • T25 5-star tamper resistant
  • T25 6-star tamper resistant
By diyauto
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3 minute read

Today we will show you how to replace your MAF sensor on the CHEAP! Watch the video or read the tutorial below. Enjoy!

Start by purchasing a Volkswagen MAF sensor, it has the same sensor as the BMW but different housing. Here is the part for reference:


Start by removing the MAF sensor from the VW housing. You will need a 5 star tamper resistant star bit set to move the screws holding in the sensor.

Actual bit size to remove the sensor is a T25

Unclip the stock sensor by pressing on the sides and pulling up.

BMW uses a 6-point tamper resistant torx bit.

Old vs. New:

Make sure the orientation of the MAF sensor is correct.

Plug it in.

Start your car, it usually takes a few minutes for everything to reset it self. Or use a OBD tool or disconnect your battery for 10 minutes to restart.