Project VerTTigo - 1964 Buick Skylark Turbo LS Convertible by Wasted Income

By diyauto
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Thanks Chris. I'm near Peoria, IL. 

The biggest challenge will be learning about A-bodies and Buicks in general. Never really messed with them too much.

Other than that, I'm not at all worried about this project....I've LS swapped a whole bunch of other stuff before, other than just my blazer.

My 69 C-10 with a turbo 5.3L

1975 CeeBee Avenger Jet Boat with a cammed 6.0L

1988 Monte Carlo SS with a cammed and sprayed 6.0L


It will be a Buicaddrolet when it's done. haha.

Let the games begin. The porch was filled with stuff from OPG when I got home last night.


Not much progress on this...been working on other stuff, but got some work done on the engine this past weekend.

Even put my father in law to work a bit. Only fitting, since it's his car.

Some of the goodies. Turbo cam, Brian Tooley dual valve springs, hardened pushrods, etc.