Project VerTTigo - 1964 Buick Skylark Turbo LS Convertible by Wasted Income

By diyauto
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It's not Buick related, but I figured you guys might get a kick out of this.
Got my Blazer back on my buddy's dyno a couple months back...she laid down 825 rwhp and 899 rwtq. 370 cubic inches, 80 mm turbo, 23 psi boost, E85 it anywhere.
I can't wait till the Skylark makes noises like this.


Header progress


Got one side all fit...on to the other side...then finish welding. ugh.


Thanks Sean. Getting there


Got the headers all welded up.

Pushed it outside for the first time in a long time, in order to clean up the shop a little.


Turbo Mounting:

I was not able to find a drain flange mount of the design I I built my own.

Started out with a hunk of bar stock

Ended up with:

Burned a plate to the frame, with a mating bolted flange that will allow easy removal.

Final mounting location


Made a bit more progress this weekend.

Wastegates go on next.



I also got a new tool that should help this project immensely.

Whirly Jig!


Finally got some work done on the Buick again.

Got the wastegates fitted up...which is a seemingly simple deal, but takes FOREVER when you're trying to make things as symmetrical as possible. Not to mention, working with sch 10 stainless is a total bish.


Small progress. Downpipes are done to the firewall.


Intercooler showed up...and of course, the first thing that was required was to cut it up. lol.

Cut the straight outlet off and welded on a 90* elbow. Also have some more work to do on it...will post pics once its done.

Decided to hack up the core support as well, for intercooler/radiator clearance.

Had to do some trimming of the core support to allow the IC to tuck back into it. Welded tabs to the support to mount the IC.

Also ordered a Ron Davis radiator today...great guys to work with...but that hurt the wallet. lol. Should be here in a couple weeks.