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2014 Cts V


I want to first thank FUTRAL MOTORSPORTS IN WALKER LOUISIANA AND BEN @ WEAPON X MOTORSPORTS. These two helped me tremendously with my build. This will be a long post so please be patient. 

This project started well over a year ago when I bought a 2011 silver v sedan. Like most it wasn't long and I had the itch to go faster. I contacted FMS for ideas on what would be the best route to take. We settled on a first round of mods and like most waited until Ben was having sales on items and started piecing everything together. Several months went by and FMS had turned out a couple of the V's since we last talked and they kept me updated on what was working and what wasn't. Finally end of last year I had the parts to start round 1 and decided to wait till after TX2k to do build. Went to 2k and met grocery getter ( Shane ) and his awesome wagon and that's where everything fell apart lol. I had never seen a wagon in person and the second I seen it I had to have one. As the weekend went by shocking enough my local dealer called me and said they had a 14 wagon loaded on lot and they have never had one before. I came back home and wasn't a week later that wagon was in my driveway (lol). I still had all parts for sedan sitting at house and decided to install on new wagon but after seeing Shane's I had to get a bigger build. I called FMS up and told them my plans for more power and they obviously all on board and gave me some great ideas. I then talked to Ben and decided to order everything else to make this a bad wagon. Took several months to get install money and finally came the time to install the parts. FMS and Ben both steered me in the correct direction and couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 

Mods are: 

FMS custom REAPER cam 

BB cat back exhaust

Stainless work 2in headers 

2.5 upper pulley

9.1 lower pulley 

NorCal tank ( new design ) 

Weapon x track attack 

Zl1 lid 

ID 850's 

G force

4.5 intake 

This was on dyno today 

97 degrees 

103 heat index 

On a dyno jet dyno 

( Black Betty ) numbers 

651/646 on SAE

664/659 on STD 

Shop I used for install, tune and advice FMS

Cts v

parts heaven 

weapon X motorsports ? the CTS V ARSENAL unlocked

Facebook Page for my car