I blew my warranty and all I got... by random84

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I blew my warranty and all I got...

Compliments of random84 @ ctsvowners.com


Was this lousy Boom Stick.

DAY 1:

2013 MN6 Wagon, stock except for an Airaid

and catch can: 495 RWHP, 460 RWTQ baseline 02/09/2015. 


* LT1z "Stage 1.5" cam package: stage 2 duration with slightly smaller lift and nicer lobes for a DD. ($1k)

* I/W balancer, 10.5" pulley, Lingenfelter relocation bracket to work with OEM idlers. ($850)

* Track Attack & ZL1 lid. ($900)

* Sideswipe, Airaid

, S/M catch can. (Practically came with the car)

* Mamofied Throttle Body

. ($150)

* HPTuners ($400)

* Factory exhaust with catdelete. Coated headers w/ resonators will be the next stage.

* Accidental D3 Radiator upgrade...

$2K for labor, tune and incidentals. Looking for around 630-650 at the wheels in this cold, dry weather.


Results: 610 RWHP / 581 RWTQ. Just shy of 15psi at high RPM. Peak power is ~6100 RPM.

The factory exhaust sounds god aweful... lol Headers and resonators will be ordered next week!


The only thing i left out of this photo was HP tuners and the wad of cash im going to spend on labor!