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Stage 1 complete 

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Well, I was able to keep this car stock for a whole 2 months. I think that's a new record.

Car was built and tuned by 21st century muscle cars.

Mods are as follows:
Airaid with green filter
Comp cam and upgraded valve train
Kooks headers to catless mid pipe to factory mufflers
Plugs, wires, fic 85lb injectors
Dmh cutouts with wireless functionality
Ice box
Moroso catch can
Zl1 lid
Katech h/x

Here's the dyno sheet. I was surprised with the numbers. Was expecting low 600's. Baseline was airaid only. 


Couple of pulls

I'm having a hard time not keeping the cutouts open all the time.



I am a homewrecker. Once you install the wireless kit, you have a key fob with an open button and a close button. I programmed the middle button to open the cutouts, and the 3rd button to close them. I used the following video as a how=to reference: