Airaid + OEM (stock) Airbox = ... by Stephenti

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Airaid + OEM (stock) Airbox = ...

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I took my favorite parts of the Airaid (plastic elbow & cone filter element) and grafted it to the OEM airbox for a stock look (California-living). I had to retain part of the shielding due to the Airaid being set further into the airbox (towards the fender). The lower portion at the rear of the airbox now has the Airaid panel as well as the airbox plastic to serve as a double-shield to the area where the filter resides. Other than sourcing a suitable rubber gasket to do a final close-off the gap where rear side of the filter mount mates to the airbox, I'm pretty much done. (I did add one additional small rubber gasket after these pictures were taken to protect an electrical line from chaffing at the leading edge of the metal panel just below the filter.)

All in all, while there are a few different options on how the two components could be grafted, I'm fairly satisfied with the way things turned out for a first attempt.

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