Blacked Out Headlight Mod.... by NathanScott

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Blacked Out Headlight Mod....

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Thought I would put document my adventure in blacking out the headlight housing

. It requires heating the headlight

in the oven and you run the risk of cracking the lens. This was put together to show the process I went through and do no take responsibility if you damage your headlight

doing this. 

Start off by removing the bumper...

Tools to remove the clips

Remove upper cover

Turn wheels to right and remove 3 clips on left wheel well liner

Pull front of fender out some to remove 10mm bolt

Long extension helps

Turn wheels to left and remove 3 clips and 10mm bolt

Protect the paint and headlights

Remove 6 clips from under the bumper

Remove 2 10mm bolts in center and 2 clips at edge

Pull front bumper

foward to expose the headlight

washer hose on left and right

Remove white clip so the hose can pull off

ape the hoses up out of the way. They will leak if left on ground.

Pull ends of bumper out on left and right side

Pull the bumper out to release it. Make sure you have something on the ground to protect the bumper. Once the bumper is on the ground, remove the running light connectors left

And right

Remove the hose from the clips on bottom of bumper

Bumper is off now!

Remove the 2 10 mm bolts on side of headlight

Remove on 10mm nut on bottom

Remove plug on bottom of headlight


is out!

Remove 3 7mm bolts holding the bracket on

Remove all the t15 torx screws

around the headlight

Now the fun part...baking the headlight

. Heat oven to 215 and once to temp, put light in for 10 minutes. Might have to put it back in for another 5 or so if the glue does not soften enough.

Use gloves to remove the light and start working the corners up. You might have to put the light in for another 5 minutes 

Seperate the lens and remove 2 electrical connectors

Remove the T15 torx

on back of chrome housing to seperate housing from lens

A little preview of it painted and put together.



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Nice details

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