DIY Bumper Plugs! ($1.04) by efme

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DIY Bumper Plugs! ($1.04)

Compliments of efme @

3-12-2013 probably sells some quality stuff but I could never justify something for $32 without trying to do it myself first. Did a quick google search and found a way to do it myself.

Went to Lowes and purchased some black nylon locking hole plugs for $1.04. I checked afterwards at Home Depot and they only sell the white ones. Go to Lowes if you have a dark car or white car (they sell the white ones too) or goto Home Depot if its closer and you have a white car. Regarding sizing, I chose the 1/4" plugs which are very small. IF you want a larger plug by all means get them, you'll just end up drilling a larger hole in your bumper.

Lindsay had a "sale" on touch-up paint for $10.

1) Remove the license plate mount with a drill. Once you remove your plate, size up the hole in the black rivet and drill baby drill! I slowly sized up until it was just the right size for the hole in the middle of the rivet. Upon initial inspection, it looks like a screw but it is in fact a rivet.

2) Buy nylon plugs and have touchup ready to go

3) Use a VERY fine grit sand paper to marr up the black surface until it is no longer shiny.

4) Paint! If you don't know, touch up paint has a brush in it if you unscrew it. Go to town, it should smooth out when dried if you went a little liberal with the touch-up.

5) Drill a hole w/ a 3/4" drill bit. Push your plug in after its dried!

EASY! and for $1.04 to boot.


Questions? Hope not!

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