DIY Hard Mount your radar detector with a ROGUE MOUNT by mksu19

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DIY Hard Mount your radar detector with a ROGUE MOUNT

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I thought I would share how I mounted my radar detector. There are lots of ways to do this. I decided to use a Rogue Mount to get my interior cleaned up and keep the cord from not only looking bad, but keep it from scratching the black surround.


The Kit

Take the mirror off the windshield and connect the included wire harness to the connector on the mirror. Yellow wire on the included lead goes to the red wire on the mirror connector (switched 12 volt +).

The black wire on the included lead goes to purple striped wire (ground). Looking at the connector from the backside where the wires go in. Black on top row left, yellow on top row second from right.

Drape your newly connected lead over the top of the mirror bracket towards the driver side which is the same side my Escort 9500 power supply plugs in.

I clamped the Rogue Mount on the mirror stalk while it was on the bench. Then I made most of the adjustments to it and snugged it all down before installing the mirror on the car.

Reinstall the mirror, make your adjustments to get the level of the radar detector level and straight and snug it all down. You are all done.

If you are interested in getting a mount, go to their website and at checkout, enter in the coupon code box CTSVOWNERSCOM and you will get a 15% discount.

Cool thing about the Rogue is it comes with the hard mount lead and it costs quite a bit less.

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