Install: Vibrant Resonator Mid-Pipes for Kooks by Stephenti

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Install: Vibrant Resonator Mid-Pipes for Kooks

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Once my last round of mods were completed, I knew there were going to be two items to address... one of them being decreasing the sound level. Not only are headers to Corsa Sport extremely loud at WOT, but sounds mean as heck. I get thumbs up all the time, but truthfully, I don't go WOT much now because it is extremely loud, and has zero stealth factor. (My wife reminds me that I'm in my 40s, and not 20's... and I refuse to have any clue of what that is supposed to mean.)

Per Matt's (LT1Z) 2nd advice (first being go oem), I went with Vibrant resonators. Had a set of Vibrant resonators mid-pipes fabricated and installed by a local muffler shop. It is 100% reverse able, as I preserve my Kooks mid-pipes. I used the 18" x 3" cores. The muffler shop did a fantastic job with the install... for anyone SoCal, just PM me for contact info.

Anyway... I was not expecting much of a noticeable difference, but right off the bat, I can tell a lot of the harshness has been eliminated. And it is quieter. At WOT, not sure these will make much of a difference, but I must say, at idle and mid-throttle, I am pleasantly surprised. Now, just need to find the quietest aftermarket axle back, or go OEM. Anyone selling a used Coupe Corsa Touring, or wanna swap for my Sport?


1. It sounds deeper... but, more as a results of taking out the rasp and high-pitch harshness, thus leaving you with the deeper tones (as opposed to actually amplifying the deeper tones).

2. Anywhere that a 12" resonator would fit, I'd think an 18" would as well... heck, if they made an 24" I'd have gone with that... it's a natural heat and sound shield!

3. Lastly... at WOT, it still screams... but everywhere else, it is relatively quieter, deeper, and with more staccato. I'd be perfectly fine keeping this sound level around town, but I'm interested in taming the WOT screaming so that I can go WOT more often. I wonder if I can get Corsa to make me a 3" Touring... that would be perfect. (IIRC, they have made a 3" Sport)

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