1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery LS swap by 2165 Turbo Rail

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1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery LS swap

Compliments of 2165 Turbo Rail @ http://ls1tech.com


last year we built the '69 Judge clone with a turbo 6 liter LS, This year we are building a '60 Chevy Sedan Delivery for my dad.

This is a car that my dad and his friend used to run around in right after my dad graduated high school. The friend kept the car and for about the last 30 years it sat behind his barn in a tiny town in Kansas. Dad bought it from last year when we took the GTO up there for a "drag Main" day where the old high school grads come back to this little town and drag main. There's also a parade and car show

Here are some pics of it from that weekend and a you can see it has cancer....bad!

Lift gate was smashed in a little on the pass side

Still had an old set of slicks on it

Dad wants it to be "old school" not going to be my style but this is 100% his toy so we are building it to be exactly what he wants

Started off with the slot mag wheels with white letter tires

Interior in pretty bad shape too and there are a ton of parts just thrown in back

Original AC car you can see the vent on the lower dash and controls in the middle of the dash at the bottom

Showing some of the rust

the bullet hole is real. The story goes that the friend was running from the cops and raising cain going through the fields near their town. The cops shop at the car (I guess to shoot out the tire) and shot the door instead.

Start of body work ( done by one of my dads customers)

Dad wanted to keep it looking like it did back then. It was always primer so he had it painted with some enamel paint that looks like primer. The painted the interior a hot rod flat black

Flat black engine bay too

The car is so dirty that John and I sweep under and around the car every 10 mins or so it seems like

If y'all haven't noticed this is the same body style as John's wagon. Cool coincidence I thought. This is how the car sat back then an dad likes it this high so that's how it's going to stay

(this is WITH the motor in the car)

Keeping with the old car theme we didn't clean up the motor or anything. I think it's cool that it will look like the car has been sittin for 30 years with this motor in it haha

I am super proud of my lower radiator hose find. It looks stock I cut off about 6" off of a hose I found at oreilly. No idea what it fits but it was the same shape as the hanger I bent up
Gates part number 21503 (added in case anyone else needs it)

I was going to do rubber hose to the tranny cooler but John suggested hard line. I am glad we went that route it looks way better

Lift gate fixed it's not 100% perfect but a damn good job considering

We just did some minor things today like heater hoses battery cables some wiring issues upper radiator hose stuff like that

Dad just text me this pic since he just got the rear bumper on still needs a little straightening it looks like

made some progress tonight..


This is cool!

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