DIY Bros Bagged C10 Truck Build

By diyauto
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Hello all!

We picked up this cool bagged Chevy pickup. We are going to fix it up and use it as a promo/company truck. Stay tuned for updates and leave some comments!

Here’s the truck when we first bought it. It has bags and a 4 link rear suspension. The compressor is mounted to the engine. The bed has been raised for clearance but all the valves for the air ride were torn up. This made moving it a pain. Not having the keys didn’t help either! ????

After finally getting it to the garage after several months we found some surprises in the bed, someone must have been having a party back there!

To start:

Overall the body/Work looks good. Little to no rust, car was running and driving, hopefully good things. Here is the plan of attack.


1. Don’t have the keys, cant turn the steering wheel or shift out of park.

-Replace ignition key barrel and door locks. Free wheel so we can move the vehicle with more ease.

2. Jump start the car and see where we are at.

-Battery is dead, jump and make sure runs, check other systems. Truck was running when we bought it so hopefully this isn’t too much work.

3. Brakes.

-They will have to be done/updated before real road use. Looking into caliper swaps for rear as they are drums. 

Notes: Supposively “Chevy Astro AWD front caliper and hub assemblies swap over for the rear, we shall see.

4. Suspension:

-Vehicle is on air ride, all bags work. The system holds air for 15 minutes or so when you fill it up through a port under the truck. The compressor isn’t hooked up and most of the guts of the system appear to be torn out. We need to lift it up and do more investigating.

5. Interior:

-Interior is in decent shape for a truck. There was a updated stereo system in it at one point, one of the speakers is still hooked up laying behind the seat, the other is missing. Dash has cracks and there are some rust holes on the driver footwell. Interior is less of a concern then anything else. Will probably throw a Mexican blanket on the seat and maybe upgrade to a wood steering wheel at some point. Want to get it running and driving first.

6. Engine 

- Engine sounded strong when we bought it. Going to get it running and do a tune up. May do some power upgrades at some point but this will be more of a cruiser. Got to get it running and driving nicely first.

Will update later today when wrenching on ride, thanks for reading.


 We started by replacing the ignition, the wheel was locked so we started by taking off the wheel.

Pull off the center cap to access the wheel nut, it’s 21mm. Remove clip first with a screwdriver/pliers.

Remove but then use steering wheel puller to pull off wheel.

Pull off plastic cap.

Access the locking plate and remove the Phillips screw. To remove the locking plate you have to push down hard and pull the c-clip. This is possible without a special tool. Reinstalling the plate is pretty much impossible without the tool so you might as well head to the parts store and spend $10.

Remove 3 torx bits that hold the plastic turn signal assembly. The turn signal attaches to the switch with an arm that easily pops out.

Unclip the wires that are wrapped around the turn signal assembly and pull it out so you have access behind it. Remove the brush connector by sliding it out. Now you have access to the ignition barrel lock screw.

Remove the one screw and pull the ignition barrel.

Replace with the new one and reassemble.

Here is the tool for reinstalling the lock plate. Makes it very easy to put the c clip back on. Definitely worth it.

Next was replacing the door locks.

Remove interior door panel, you will have to move the window up and down a lot.

Remove the clip holding the window windup.

Unscrew 4 screw on the lower panel. 

One verically in the handle and unscrew the lock.

Find the lock and where it’s attached, remove the clip holding the extending bar.

Remove large clip, then pull door lock.


Went over and moved the truck over a foot so we can move it out of the garage. Replaced the passenger door lock as well.

Next we are going to jack it up and figure out where we are at with the air bag system. 

We bought a new battery and tried starting it but no luck at the first attempt. Getting spark but not fuel. Sounds like the fuel pump is struggling and running intermittently.



It’s been a while! Moved to a new house with a smaller garage. It barely fits!

We have all the parts for the air ride, worked on mounting the tank bracket. I was able to use two of the existing holes in the frame which made for less drilling.

Now it’s on nice and sturdy. I have to finish painting the tank and get the new fittings in. Then I’ll mount the manifold and start connecting stuff. Won’t be too long hopefully!

Started snowing and my hands weren’t working with the cold so that’s it for today.