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TAALA 1 Build Thread

Compliments of bradentaala @ http://www.lateral-g.net


I purchased this car 4 years ago and decided to do a frame off. Well one thing led to another (as you'll see in the pictures) which resulted in buying pretty much ALL new metal. I've had a Jeep build (TAALA 2) consume all my extra cash over the last couple years...but it is time to start back up on TAALA 1 (the Camaro).

Table of Contents

Phase 1
The purchase

Phase 2

Phase 3

The purchase.

67 Camaro, 454, 350 turbo, 10 bolt rear. This is where I started...

The tear down.

Well it started with "Let's just replace the quarters for now" to ripping all the metal off and starting over.


Recovery continued.

Alright, well yesterday I placed an order with Art Morrison on their rear subframe, 4 link, coilovers, 9" housing, 35 Spline strange 3rd member with true-trak, Mini-tubs, Subframe connectors, Wilwood 12.19" brake kit, and a few other small things.  

THIS is the Art Morrison kit (minus the built 9")

My plan is to buy a LS2 and T-56 out of a GTO. I have an LS1 right now, and HAD a T-56 until someone stole it. Anyway, it's been a while and time to get this thing built. Here is a picture of what my money has been going to over the last year (see attached).


Nice Camero!

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