25.3 Outlaw Drag Radial Camaro Build by Eddie Krawiec

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25.3 Outlaw Drag Radial Camaro Build 

Compliments of Eddie Krawiec @ http://ls1tech.com


Hi Guy's

This is my first post here. I'm just starting a build and would think it fit's in good right here. I have been watching this site for about 2 years now and thought it was time to join. Just to give you a little backround on myself. I race NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle and travel the country doing it. I also love to build cars and really enjoy doing it.

I'm in the process of building a Pro Touring 66 Nova with a 408ci LS2 with a Kenny Bell Blower that made 776 hp on pump gas. That car is covered by Super Chevy and called Project Getaway for anyone wanting to check it out. I also have a Trailblazer SS and a Sierra Pick-Up as a daily driver. So if you can't tell I'm a GM guy. I always have been and always will be.

I know a lot of people including me love to watch and follow car builds, so that's why I'm posting this.

I have been looking around for a stock suspension F-Body to build an Outlaw Radial car for some time now. Dennis of DMC Racing contacted me and offered to get me out to his shop and see what he is capable building. Needless to say DMC is well known has built some of the baddest stock suspension cars out their.

So 3 weeks ago I flew out to his shop to look at my options. He had started a build on a Camaro that was put on hold and the guy was going to sell. It was a very low mile 2000 Camaro that had some cage work done and was perfect for what I wanted. So Dennis, Jamie and the whole crew at DMC got to work on it. After a lot thought we decided to set the car up with a 454ci LSX Small Block with a single turbo on 275 tire's. I will have the option of a 315's and a large turbo if I chose to go and run some of the Outlaw type races or just want to go faster.

As of now I have some really cool things in the works that will be giving the build some major media coverage and will showcase the build. I also have a few companies getting heavily involved with the build and other that I'm talking to. Anyone that would like to be involved email at [email protected] or PM for detailed info on it. I will try to list all the stuff as we go. So here are some pictures of the project and I will try to keep updating it.