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My 96 RS Build

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02/2005 1996 RS 60k miles

new front nose emblem

and RED LEDs

new wheels and tires

berger mod

eurolights with HIDs 6k

bad choice with billet grille

another bad choice on flowmasters and rear euro markers

black outs

inatke and first STB

no pics 

32/21 1LE sway bars with poly bushings and endlinks

interior change neutral to ebony and wrapped dash parts.

Borla goes in, with corsa clones

dyed top

3 point Kenny Brown STB

other parts with no pics

new J&M Panhard

J&M LCA's 3 piece poly-ball bushing


poly bump stops

new hood

finally a tonneau cover

Well after wasting around 3hrs or so, trying to get a lifter out of the oil pan, that I forgot to take out. The new GT2 cam and JP performance timing chain set are finally in. Maybe next weekend we can start this baby up........=:-)

finished the intakes

fall in GA

Well finally got some bolts to fit the back side of the compressor, man that vibration was driving me nuts.

also found out i had some parking/turn signals lights out while i was down there, so i went ahead and replaced them all, on the front.

also did the blinker mod since i was in there and its free if you have a few wire connectors.

heres the mod for those that dont know what it is. Did the blinker mod

some really old pics i found, man has she changed a lot.

well after 3 weekends of working on shocks and springs there finally on.

2 AGX 741034 Front

2 AGX 743019 Rear 

Moog Front Coil Springs

Moog CC635 Rear Coil springs

Moog K6573 Coil Spring Insulator/Seat-Coil Spring Insulator 

Moog K6630 Sway Bar Links front/rear

Moog ES3238RL Outer Tie Rod End 

Moog K6516 Strut Mount Left 

Moog K6517 Strut Mount Right

Originally I had stranos springs, but I couldn't handle all that bouncing and bottoming out over ever little bump.

who new the seat belt brackets covered up the rear mounts in a vert, such a pain in the ***.

he said it was like christmas

got the moog outer tie rods on.

just a few new pics