How to install seatbelt guides onto MRC/Arizen/Recaro seats by 6LITEREATER

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How to install seatbelt guides onto MRC/Arizen/Recaro seats

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Yup, I finally got bored enough to mess with it

For awhile I just taped them on there (through the harness holes) and then I used a velcro strap...

Well, after MUCH procrastination I took a trip to the hardware store to brainstorm. My first, COMPLICATED, idea turned out to be overkill so I scratched it and went with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method...

It turns out it is VERY EASY to mount seatbelt guides to these seats... There is a bar underneath the cloth you can screw into but it is 1/2" under the surface so you have to add spacers so that it looks right and so the guide has something to tighten on to... Here's how:

First you need supplies... ALL YOU NEED are screws and a couple of spacers !!!

Here's what I bought (I bought new screws because I have no clue where my originals might be):

You will also need a drill with a metal drill bit, slightly smaller than the screws you use, and a razor blade.

The spacer was the shortest I could find in a diameter only slightly larger than the screw so I just bought it and cut it in half with my Dremel (you need it to be between 1/4" and 1/2"):

The first step is to mark the holes in the leather. I put the seatbelt guide up and pushed it hard into the leather so I could feel the metal bar underneath. Once I knew it was in place and over the bar I drilled a couple of small holes in the leather (easier than marking it and you're going to drill it anyways):

The next step involves drilling holes into a VERY ROUND bar... MAJOR PITA! I stuck a screw up against the bar and hammered it hard (trying to make a dimple)...

...and then followed it with a file that I hammered into it (I don't have a punch/awl)...

...and then I SLOWLY (so it wouldn't slip off) drilled my holes:

Next I checked to see the screws (metal screws I bought) tightened into the holes and they did:

Next you have to make the holes in the leather SLIGHTLY larger so that you can put the spacers in. I used a razor blade to cut a small slit on the top of the bottom hole and the bottom of the top hole (this way all cuts/holes in the leather are covered by the seatbelt guide, just like factory):

Then you push your spaceres in (not all the way, don't want to loose them):

Put the guide up, put the screws through and screw it in:

Here's the finished products:

Mine's actually NOT finished... My screws are about 1/2"-1/4" TOO LONG and it tightens but it doesn't tighten the guide against the spacers and push them back under the leather yet:

Nothing a trip to the hardware store tomorrow won't fix

Anyways, just figured I would post this up so I would stop getting PM's EVERY day saying, "Did you mount your guides yet?"

I guess I was the only one with balls enough to be the first to cut their own leather