Proper front cover install using correct tools pics inside by JFM-jr

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Proper front cover install using correct tools pics inside 

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This may seems a bit simple for some of you guys who have done this multiple times so this is really just for those who have not. I'm sure some of you guys have heard of the Kent Moore tools used for LS series motors. Here are some pics below of what tools are used where and you will see why it is important.

First is the cover alignment tool this can be used for both the front and rear covers. You just use a different set of holes for the front or the rear covers depending on your needs.

Here is the other side of the plate you can see the machined slots in the surface. These provide room for the front or rear gaskets tabs that protrude a bit below the oilpan surface of the block.

Here is a picture showing the rubber "tab" on the front cover gasket that those slots are machined for. I am bending the rubber tab here

Here the plate is installed for front cover installation

It gets fatened to the oilpan /block surface 2 bolts into the block and 2 into the bottom of the front cover. This ensures the bottom of the front cover is nice and flush with the blocks surface. This will ensure the oilpan has a flat surface to mate up with as the oilpan's footprint covers both front and rear covers when viewed from directly underneath. Below is a pic of the block with both front and rear covers installed. You can see the footprint the oilpan covers here. The oilpan actually ties the lower end of this motor together and is a part of the structural integrity of these motors.

Below is a picture showing the inside of an LS2 cover with the plate bolted to it so you can more easily see where those machined slots reside.

Finally below is a picture of the front cover installed and it shows the tab that sticks out beyond the surface and the is the purpose of the slots in the plate.

That plate orients the cover up and down now the cover needs to be set correctly side to side. It needs to be centered around the crank snout so the front seal can do it's job. Here is a pic with me pointing out the 2 bosses that are cast into the front covers design. Some of you guys probably never knew they even had a purpose (I did'nt until I installed a front cover).

Here is a picture of the tool that will center the cover radially around the crank snout using the 2 bosses in the picture above. It just slides right onto the crank snout where you see my fingers sticking thru it.

And here it is installed on the cover using the crank pully bolt to seat into place.

Here is one more pic notice the 2 (of the 4) machined slots are under the front cover now and are providing a space for the front cover gasket to stick below the block/covers surface. This part of the gasket I am talking about are just small flexible rubber tabs and dont stick out very much.

When the cover is all in place the bolts get torqued down and the front cover is in it's correct place. Now I'm sure some guys may not bother with the tools at all and have no issue's. I have access to these tools and it does not cost me anything so why not use them. I just thought i'd share this process for anybody who has heard about these tools and was curious.


Wait until you price that lil gem LOL. These tools are obscenely exspensive lucky for me I have a friend that works for a GM dealership. Here is a pic of the inside of the cover on the case. It lists all the tools in the kit.

These motors have special tools for everything it's unreal. I am surprised there is no airfilter alignment tool LOL.



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