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Parking Brake Automatic Adjuster

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Parking Brake Automatic Adjuster


This vehicle is equipped with coated parking brake cable assemblies. The wire strand is coated with a nylon material which slides over plastic seals inside the conduit end fittings. This is for corrosion protection and reduced parking brake effort.

NOTE: Handling of these cables during servicing of the parking brake system requires extra care. Damage to the nylon coating will reduce corrosion protection and if the damaged area passes through the seal, increased parking brake effort could result. Contact of the coating with sharp-edged tools, or with sharp surfaces of the vehicle underbody, should be avoided.

Parking brake lever/cable adjustment is automatic. Cycling the lever three times should result in parking brake lever movement of 3 to 5 notches when a 270 N (61 lbs.) force is applied.


Disabling the parking brake automatic adjuster is necessary to loosen the parking brake cables for maintenance of the parking brake system. The parking brake automatic adjuster must be enabled and cables adjusted (tightened) after maintenance has been completed.


1. Remove driver's seat cushion.

2. Remove parking brake lever cover and screws.

3. Using fabricated wire, or an offset screwdriver, hold drive pawl so that it is disengaged from drive sector.

4. Insert a nail, or drift, through the hole in the anchor plate to retain the drive pawl in the disengaged position.

5. Move the parking brake lever until it aligns with lock pawl.

6. Depress button on lever and move lever to down position.

7. Visually inspect to see that anchor plate is against the stud on the parking brake lever. NOTE: If anchor plate is not against stud, repeat procedure as needed.

8. Parking brake front cable can now be pulled to the rear to gain the slack necessary to perform parking brake maintenance.


1. Remove nail, or drift, from anchor plate.

2. Apply and release parking brake three times.

3. Pull up on parking brake lever. NOTE: Proper lever/cable adjustment will result in the parking brake lever moving up 3 to 5 ratchet clicks with a 270 N (61 lbs.) force.

4. Release parking brake lever. There should be no rear brake drag and no gap between the caliper housings and caliper parking brake levers.