C5 DIY Garmin 2610 in the ashtray mod - w/PICs by jcgunn

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C5 DIY Garmin 2610 in the ashtray mod - w/PICs

Compliments of jcgunn @ corvetteforum.com


Here is a quick DIY on how to install a Garmin Street Pilot 2610 in the ashtray. Remove the radio bezel IAW the sticky and then remove the ashtray. Use a Dremel to cut the plastic until it fits. Then use some 3/16th alum stock from a hobby store or "Homeland" and fab up a support bracket and then use the stock screws from the "beanbag" mount and attach the unit to the bracket The use some small sheet metal screws to attach the bracket to the ashtray. Use some high density packing foam and contact cement to build a bed to set it on. A little trial end error will get the fit/look just right.

I used the 12v from the cig lighter, so the red switch is required to turn the thing off. The Street Pilot does NOT have an OFF switch and is designed to come on when plugged into the cig lighter. You could power it from the switched source if you wanted to cut into the radio harness. Cut the cig lighter plug off of the supplied cable. Hook +12V to the red and -12V to the black. The other wires are for Bitchin Betty to give you directions I did not want to listen to her, so I did not connect her to a speaker. 

Get a hockey puck antenna and 3' cable from that auction site for about $20. Run the wire behind the radio bezel and behind the ign switch bezel. Use Velcro to secure it to the top of the steering column. I always have a strong signal, but then again mines a ragtop. 

I tucked the USB cable into the hole where the cig lighter was. Fab up a little cover from scrap plastic and velcro it over the USB acces hole. A 1GB CF card holds all of the Western US plus Canada, so other than a major East Coast road trip there is no need to update unless you want newer maps. 

I like the Garmin Street Pilot because it has rugged construction and a nice, bright 3.3 x 1.7 touch screen--and the form factor fits perfectly in the ashtray space without much cutting. The 2610 uses a CF memory card. The 2620 has enough internal flash memory for detail maps of all of N. America. These units are available used and refurbished from that auction site from $69-$249. I would not recommend a unit with a spinning hard drive (newer Garmin models) for this install.

The final photo shows the single DIN Pioneer 8200BT and Maptech bezel I have since installed.




I recently updated the switch panel to add a switch to keep the Vert power antenna down. Also removed USB cable 'cause you can't get updated maps for the 26 series any more...