$15 DIY Z06 exhaust switch by wstaab

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$15 DIY Z06 exhaust switch

Compliments of wstaab @ corvetteforum.com


For about $15 in parts and an hour of your time you can build a Z06 exhaust valve switch if you like DIY projects.

You need a SPST switch [Radio Shack], with or without a LED, a mini "add a circuit" [local auto parts store], 3 feet of 18 gauge two or three conductor wire, some shrink tubing, and crimp connectors.

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Take a spare fuse and cut one leg from it.

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If you have a LED switch you need 3 wires. A power wire from the "add a circuit" to the switch, a load wire back to the "add a circuit" , and a ground wire for the LED. If you have a non LED switch you do not need the ground wire. Solder the leg you cut from the spare fuse to the load wire and insert it into one slot of the "add a circuit" as shown in the photo.

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Plug the "add a circuit" into the fuse block orientated as shown in the picture below with the ground wire attached to one of the mounting screws for the radio amp.

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Remove the small panel on the console and mark the location for the switch. If using the round LED switch use the appropriate hole saw to drill the hole. Tip: use blue painters tape on the surface you are drilling to give you a clean edge around the hole and use a slow speed drill so you cut the plastic and not melt it from friction of the hole saw.

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Mount the switch in the panel. Run the wire under the edge on the console and pull through the opening in the console. Crimp connectors to the wires and install on the switch. Snap the panel in place and test your new switch for proper operation. If you use a LED switch the LED will be on when the exhaust valve circuit is on [stock mode].

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