C6 AUTOMATIC shift boot installation

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C6 AUTOMATIC shift boot installation

1. On the sifter, remove the top plastic trim piece and remove shift button from handle

2. Slide shift boot (cheap GM vinyl - but that is why you are here!!) down off knob.

3. Just below the knob, there is a plastic collar that rests against the bottom of the knob. Turn the collar CLOCKWISE from its 12 o'clock position to about 2 o'clock. (it will stop turning easily at 2 o'clock)

4. Pull the shift handle straight up and off. (during this step, you will feel like you are breaking something...just keep pulling straight up!)

5. Now we need to remove the center trim piece. Remove the 4 Torx screws in the center console lid.

6. Pry up on the rear of the trim plate holding the air bag warning light (or F55 selector button). It just snaps on to the console but it is plastic so be careful. Unplug the connector and set the trim plate aside.

7. Remove the 2 bolts that were under the trim plate.

8. Pull straight up on the emergency brake boot. This boot is held in place by 4 clip fasteners.

9. Remove the two bolts from the console under the e-brake.

10. Place shifter into Neutral. Slowly start to lift the rear portion of the silver trim. The biggest pain in this process is to remove the 6 remainin connectors: 

1) 12V under center console 

2) Active Handling Switch 

3) Cigarette Lighter 

4,5) 2 x Heated Seats 

6) Hazard Switch

11. Remove the old boot and remove plastic piece for the shift indicator.

12. Glue new boot with plastic piece

13. Install new boot. Ensure that the plastic piece snaps in properly. Ensure holes line up.

14. Work backwards and reinstall everything in the reverse order of removal.