C6 E-Brake boot replacement procedure

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C6 E-Brake boot replacement procedure

1. Tools and supplies needed: Long small Phillips head screw driver, Good quality contact cement for leather and plastic.

2. Pull down the cover on the emergency to reveal a Philips head screw holding the leather grip in place. Remove the screw.

3. Pull up on the leather grip to release the plastic release button. The button will pop off and the grip will slide off after it.

4. Pull up on the OEM boot to release the clips holding the cover to the console. Remove the OEM Emergency brake cover.

5. There is a plastic form that is glued on to the OEM cover. Peal the cover off the plastic form.

6. Start at the front of the boot and lay the new leather boot over the plastic form noting where the front leather tab will wrap over the frame. Apply contact cement to this tab and the corresponding area on the plastic frame first. Let dry and press the two pieces together.

7. Continue working your way around the plastic frame, gluing and stretching to fit.

8. Reinstall the clips and install in reverse order. 


Tip: a small screwdriver can help in installing the boot over the OEM leather grip but do not forget to install the screw for the grip first!