C6 shift boot replacement procedure

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C6 shift boot replacement procedure

1.Remove the shifter handle by pulling down the boot and revealing a torx T20 screw. Remove the screw and then the handle.


2010+ cars: Remove the shifter handle by turning the collar on the base of the shift knob counter clockwise. This will reveal a torx T25 screw/ Remove the screw and then the handle.

2. On the lower part of the boot there are 5 tabs that hold the plastic boot frame to the console. Use a screw driver to pull the tabs away from the console and up over the trim ring. Best done when the interior is well warmed. Once they are all out you can remove the boot and the plastic frame.

2010+ cars: You should turn the boot inside out and remove the o-ring that holds the top of the boot to the collar, noting its orientaion to aid in assembly on the new boot.

3. Remove the staples that hold the boot to the frame.

4. There are three notches on the new leather boot that match the three tabs in the front of the plastic frame. Pull the boot over the framing pulling the notches well up to the tabs and staple in place.

2010+ cars: Then turn the boot inside out and install the collar and lock in place by placing the o-ring over the boot material and into the detent. Then right the boot again.

5. Reinstall the plastic frame into the console.


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