Key Fob Battery Replacement DIY w/ Pics by JKbride

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Key Fob Battery Replacement DIY w/ Pics

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For those of us who have pulled engines or transmissions you might think a Key Fob battery replacment is no fact it is not, but if done wrong or you break your Fob you could be in a real jam.

The below takes the mystery out of changing the battery and anyone can do it. Hope this DIY thread helps  

Edit: The Fob below is for a 2005-2007. I would suspect the process would be similar for others (2008-2013), but in truth I don't know that for sure. Please use care when opening the two halves. The seal is tight and if you use too much force or don't open evenly from side to side you may break the case. Tnxs to 68/70Vette for his warning on this issue for the newer Fobs.

The Steps:

First you need to purchase the batteries. You can get them at most places, and I picked mine up at a local chain auto parts store. There are two to a pack, and enough to do two Fobs.

Next remove your key ring from the Fob. You need to do this so you can open it.

Locate the slot on the front side of the Fob and use a quarter to pry it open. If you use a smaller mil coin or screw driver you will have too much play in the slot and could mar your Fob. 

Once you crack it open, use your coin to work it open evenly from one side to the other till the halves are seperated. The Fob has a water tight seal which requires you to open it evenly or risk damage.

Here is a close up of the water seal. I have washed mine before and the seal held, so you don't want to damage it.

Once you have it open this is what you will see. On one half you have the electronics and on the other the battery.

You can remove the battery by carefully placing a screw driver under it and lifting. There are 3 clips which hold it in place, and once you pry it loose from one clip, the battery will lift out.

If for some reason when you lift the battery out, you might lift the whole clip assy out biggie if it does. In fact, once I had my battery out I took the clip assy out and gently pushed a little on the clips to tighten them up. Just note (you can use these pics if necessary) how it goes back into the FOB.

Take your new battery with the positive side down (it will be marked with a + symbol) and press it into place. You do this by placing the battery under two clips and working it under the third.

To put it back together, place the halves together starting at the top of the FOB (oppisite the key ring slot). There are two small dog ears that fit into slots.

Working from the top end, use your thumb and forefinger to press the sides together, working evenly from side to side. The seal requires you to press firmily for the Fob halves to go together. NOTE: I have read where some use a Que-Tip and small amount of Vaseline on the seal for ease of putting it back my case it was not needed.

Once you have it sealed, inspect the seams and make sure you do not have not gaps. 

Now do a functions check, Lock, Unlock, Trunk and Alarm. Put the Fob in your pocket and see that your doors open and the car starts. 

If not, mke sure its sealed tightly...if not, the battery clips will not make contact with the electronics. Other probems could be the battery is installed upside down or it's not making good contact with the retaining clips.

Word of advice, change the battery in only one key Fob at a time. You want to make sure you have at least one working Fobe at all times. 

I hope fellow CF members find this useful and that it takes the mystery out of changing your battery