LS Timing Pointer Install and Setting TDC

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Tyler Sandau one of our engineers at Motion shows you how to use a Motion Raceworks timing pointer to verify and set TDC on your LS engine on this weeks Tech Tip Tuesday.

What you'll need
-An LS engine
-Piston Stop
-Motion Raceworks Timing Pointer
-Pen and Paper
-Some simple math


( Stop 1 + Stop 2- 360 ) / 2 = X ( in degrees)

Our goal here is to find out exactly where TDC and then set a zero on your balancer. This way when you fire up your engine and command a certain timing, you can verify that it is delivering the correct timing vs commanded.

This is imperative to make sure you are tuning safely and accurately as a few degrees one way or another on a high performance engine can be either giving up horsepower or detrimental to its longevity. Never trust the number on the screen until you do this!

For a link to Motion Raceworks timing pointers, click below!

For Instructions and the Equation for setting up the Timing Pointer Click this link

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