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MTI Six Shooter Short Throw shifter

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Over the weekend I installed the latest version of MTI's Six Shooter Short Throw shifter in my 2007 Z06. This car has over 5000 miles on the transmission, including many 4th and 5th gear dyno runs, and the stock shifter does not rattle. The MTI shifter uses the stock 06/07 **** or threaded aftermarket *****. After the install I road tested the shifter. NO RATTLES. This car has mods to the motor and produces more power than stock.
The shifts are short and precise. They require slightly more effort than stock, but not excessive. The shift from 2nd to 3rd is very precise. Reverse does require more effort to push the shifter to the far right. There is slightly more transmission noise audible with the MTI unit due to the solid shaft with no insulator like the OEM unit, but unless you drive with the radio off and stock mufflers it is not noticeable. There is slightly more vibration felt through the shift **** than stock, but the improvement in shift feel outweighs the slight vibration increase

Stock vs MTI shifter

This is the installation over view.
Remove the console. There are many forum threads on removing and installing the C6 console, or check the GM service manual for details.

After removing the stock shifter assembly remove the neutral lock pin from the stock assembly and insert it in the shift rod to lock the rod in neutral during installation of the MTI shifter.

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Check the tightness of the torx bolts that hold the shifter housing to the torgue tube.
My 2006 Z06 developed a shifter rattle around 1500 miles due to a loose bolt.

Remove the old gasket material and use the supplied mounting gasket along with the longer mounting bolts. Use blue Locktite and torgue the mounting bolts to 10 ft/lbs. Grease the plastic ball that fits into the shift rod with a good synthetic grease.

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IMPORTANT!! Remove the neutral lock pin! Keep it with your stock shifter.

Check the shifter for proper operation before you install the console.
Reinstall the console and shift ****.

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I am working on a project to adapt a sequential shifter to the OEM C6 Tremec transmission. Stay tuned.

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