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DIY Paint Your Hoodliner Step by Step Instructions

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I had posted these instructions a few years ago but the picture links have been broken. Therefore, I decided to redo my post as I have seen recent posts asking for advice about using decals or painting their Hoodliners.

Here are the step by step instructions of how I painted my hoodliner. I used Ed’s (from Pipedreams/Nakid Parts) instructions as a guide line and made several modifications to those instructions as I went along.

Supplies needed

1 can Krylon semi flat black spray #1613

Testors Model Masters 1/4 Fl Oz Enamels (Purchased at Walmart and Michael's Craft Store)

2 1145 White

1 1146 Silver Argent

1 1144 Gold OR

1 26003 3 Pack of Testors Acrylic Paint Markers Enamel

Contains Silver, Black and Gold

Set of brushes (Assorted Brushes) (Purchased at Michael's Craft Store)

1 Duplicolor Red Caliper Paint (Purchased at Walmart)

I start by sealing the material using the Krylon black. Lay the liner outside horizontally on a table or bench (pick a calm, warm and dry day). I spray the backside of the liner first holding the can 2 inches away and follow the outline of the emblem soaking the material with the paint (should go on very wet). The paint at first will soak right in like you never even sprayed it. Let it dry 20min between coats and give it 4 coats

Turn the liner over and spray the front side of the emblem (2 inches away) soaking it with the paint staying inside the outer depressed part of the emblem, you should use the complete can between the front and back. After a few coats on the front you should notice the spray starting to puddle up before soaking in. After the last spray coat wait about 5 minutes and you can take a plastic spoon and using the back press and smooth any fibers that are sticking up The paint is almost a perfect match to the liners color so it’s almost invisible. You can also cover any problem on the remainder of the liner by spraying the same finish lightly staying 12 inches away. Let the complete liner dry overnight.

I use the duplicolor red caliper paint because of a few reasons, its heat and chemical proof. It’s very thick and flows nice. I start by laying a heavy coat over the right side of the emblem covering the two flags, bow tie and flower. Use a wide ½ “ flat brush. Do not keep working this paint as it will tack up quickly and should be left alone to the next coat. Using smaller flat brushes (?" and a #10) also paint the complete boarder (the part the will become silver) and the soon to be white portion of the checkered flag (the recessed parts). The paint will be able to recoat in 15-20 minutes. This may take 4-8 coats depending on how pourous the material is (I find each is different). Being perfect is not important at this time because you will trim and fix later with the paint pens, do stay away from the outer black surround and black parts of the flag as this will stay black. 

To achieve the darker red in the right side of the red flag you will need to take about 1oz of the red caliber paint (in a small cup or jar, airbrush jars are best) and add a few drops (2) of black and mix it in so see if you like the color adjust if necessary. Once you are happy with the texture of the red, paint the darker red over the right side of the flag. NOTE: all red coats must be done within 3hrs or wait 5days as indicated on the can. IMPORTANT: Be sure to save some of the dark red paint for later use on the fleur.

In about 4 hrs you can continue the process. I then paint the silver surround using the smaller flat brushes #10 and ?", it should only need 2 or 3 coats. 

Using the gold paint marker outline the bowtie and flower stroking the marker only one way and making a nice straight edge. Do the same with the flower. 

Then fill them in using the gold in the bottle and a brush. Try to make even horizontal strokes, as the gold is reflective and will show if you overwork it. 

Add the 4 lines in the flower using the darker red (see your emblem). Take your time and really examine where you want to paint. It is easier than it looks.

Paint the white part of the flag and this may take 5 or 6 coats or until solid white. The white takes longer to dry but each coat must be recoated within 2 hrs or wait 48 hrs. 

With the white and silver paint, try to keep a reasonable straight line. You will be able to fix it all later so don’t be too concerned. Once all the colors are in wait 48hrs. Use the flat black paint marker to outline the left flag. Some people outline both flags, I did just the left flag. It is up to you. Create the divide between the reds and trim and expand the black checks in the flag so each black meets the others. I use the raised part as a guide for the marker and keep the marker wet by pumping the marker from time to time to keep it wet and flowing. If you notice the marker picking up silver or white, stop let it dry and fit later.

After I do the black I take the silver marker and fix any black lines that are not straight. If you need to fix the black in the checkered flag spray some krylon into the cap and brush it on.

All and all, it took me about 8 hours of labor to do this job. It was worth it to me. I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I made it myself, for the car I waited my whole life for.

Hope this info helps.