My 65 Impala SS

Vehicle: 1965 Impala SuperSport
Time/Difficulty: 3 years so far in the making
Parts Needed:
  • Everything including the kitchen sink
Tools Needed:
  • Every tool in the shop
By Manny6572
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She’s come along slowly, my dad , my son and nephew have helped quite a bit as seen in some of the pictures. Most of the work has been done by me and my dad. As seen where we found her in the woods to where she is now , 3 years in the making.

  • Here you will see my 1965 Impala SS progression. My dad has been a great inspiration and help as he is a very knowledgeable body man and painter of classic cars for 30+years . My dream car has always been a 1965 ss . This is my second one I’ve owned in my life. The first unfortunately I did not appreciate as I was 16 years old, I wrecked it twice and eventually lost the car. I have since had two children and 20 years of marriage to a very understanding wife lol. My mom and dad surprised me three years ago for my birthday with a 65 that needed so much work, but to me it was a diamond in the rough and I couldn’t wait to get started. I have since had 85% of the metal replaced including the roof from a donor car. Full floor pans, trunk pans , quarters etc. . I updated the front suspension and have put disc brakes on the front with 2 inch drop spindles. The back brakes are still hubs but all brand new ,also shocks are brand new. Currently I have built a 350 with a modest cam, Edelbrock, four barrel, carburetor. Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock manual fuel pump. I am going mostly old-school as far as the drive train. I have added a 700 R4 transmission that I had rebuilt. I will update as progression continues. All I described will be in the photos below.


Wow what a great project! Cool to see you all working together, making memories here. Thank you for sharing and all the photos!

Posted by Diggymart on 11/18/22 @ 4:35:59 PM

Looking good!

Posted by diyauto on 11/18/22 @ 4:31:39 PM