Skunkwerks LT1 Build


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Well folks its time to upgrade my LT1 powered 96' Impala SS. I recently purchased a used LT1 long block and am going to tear it down and build a 383 Stroker. If anyone has any experience with these motors please chime in. Im think now is the time some forged components. Block is almost ready for the build. Wish me luck, doing as much research as possible. Im aiming for a high 400 HP LT-1....

Thanks in advance,

Impala Dave!


Can’t wait to see progress. She is purdy!

Posted by Diggymart on 8/5/20 @ 4:01:32 PM

Thank you Sir.

Posted by 1AMGGHOST1 on 8/5/20 @ 4:06:24 PM

Awesome! Looking forward to this build. Your car is super clean, going to be really fun with a stroker motor.

Posted by stevegolf on 8/5/20 @ 12:15:33 AM

Thanks, Steve, cant wait to get my hands dirty, garage is prepped, Thinking of going with AFR heads, looking for some SLP headers for it, wanna go 3" exhaust, all worked up for this LOL/ Thanks for the support bro. I'll post up progress/

Posted by 1AMGGHOST1 on 8/5/20 @ 4:55:42 AM