new 1940 chev pickup project by barberboys

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new 1940 chev pickup project 

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hi all new to forum and will have plenty of Qs and hopefully as many answers...

The truck was giving to us by our father/grandfather he bought the truck in 1994 and he last drove it in 2003 we pulled it out of his "garage" this past weekend and brought to the house. After getting the front wheels freed up from the rust we put a battery charger to the started and after a few trys and filing the point in the distributer we got her to fire up but had no brakes except the e brake but we drove it around the neighborhood anyways.

we plan to rebuild a 70s 350 out of a camaro with a t350 along with mustang 2 front end... we are looking now into finding a rearend for the truck we have one out of a 2003 trail blazer but not sure if itll work out what rear ends are common for our application

also any information, links to other build threads, and sources for parts will be greatly appreciated... we have done some looking around on speedway, pro's picks, ebay, craigslist, jegs and summit.... oh yeah the throttle got stuck wide open in the vid


well we decided to go with a 8.8 out of a fox body mustang for a couple of reasons the rear is within 1/2 inch of the original its a strong rear end and pretty easy to find also it has the mounts on it already for a four link setup ... now we just need to find some 5 lug axles to match the mustang2 frontend that ups just delivered looks like ones out of a ranger will do.

motor has been order 383 from speedway $3500 blueprinted and dynoed 420hp 450tq should be more than enough motor for the truck ... transmission is at the shop now getting looked over t400 and will get a 2400 stall


yes we got the ford pattern ... we acctually are now waiting/looking for a different rear because the one we got only has a 7.5 ring gear.... we are going with coil overs and wont be running a sway bar as we will run the 2 top links at an angle towards the middle of the crossmember that will be fabbed up and welded in


well got a little more work done ...

tacked in the plates to box in the frame (firewall forward for now) then mocked up and tacked in the cross member and spring pockets using the measurements from the kit and threw on a control arm and spindle ( lower control arm hasn't arrived yet its on back order) then we reassembled the fenders and threw on a wheel to check to see if the wheel was centered in the fender well, after taking a few measurements we found that we needed to move everything forward 9/16" which we did and began welding everything in

Oh yeah the motor came in yesterday