Plumbing Wastegates and Inside Look of Wastegate Internals

By diyauto

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Our goal at Motion is to transfer all of the knowledge and insight we have into a usable and easily accessible format for customers to learn and utilize to save time and enjoy your project more!

This video dives into all aspects of plumbing wastegates. We talk about Top Dome Port, Bottom Port plumbing, different solenoids setups, fittings etc.

Whether you are using Tial, JGS, Turbosmart, Precision or one of many other brands of wastegate, this video is a must watch if you are new to wastegates and turbo components, or considering a build in the future. It really isn't difficult if you become armed with the knowledge we present to you.

For the plumbing diagram in the video, see this link, note for Twin turbo applications you T all lines that are headed to the wastegate (no other changes needed).

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