300C 5.7 HEMI Touring 2006 by tuusinii

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300C 5.7 HEMI Touring 2006 

Compliments of tuusinii @ http://www.300cforums.com



So I bought this car two weeks ago. This is how it looked day after I bought it:

The car is 2006 5.7 HEMI Touring with 138 tkm and two preowners. Overall looked quite nice - just needed good cleaning. Specially I like the color (Midnight Blue) because there isn't many of the same color. At least here in Finland most are either silver or black.

So things I've allready done:

1. Fitted LED DRL:s

I bought the LED:s from Ebay and was looking a little smaller ones that fit good to the lower inserts in the front bumber. I used the lower ones because on the right side the car allready had a socket for the electric engine heater. The lower one is also still high enough to fulfill the 25 cm minimum clearance to ground. Connection was quite easy. Just driller the holes to the plastic. Right side I was able to connect without removing anything but on the left side I had to open the inner fairing to have access to the connectors. Put the R87 DRL module right side, attached to the main frame by zip tie. Routed the cable to left side behind the radiator. Because the ligths had ready connector this was the easiest solution. Ground wire was connected to the main ground wire behind fuse box. For power I used connector that fits straight to the fusebox and adds an auxliary fuse. This way didn't need to splice in to the existing wiring. Used fuse for ignition so it's live only when engine running.

Auto shutdown for the DRLs was connected to right side running light.

2. Fitted trailer hitch.

The hitch was also from Ebay with universal electric kit. On the 300C all the wires are below rear fuse box so connecting universal electric kit is really easy. The relay module fitted easily below the fuse box and is attached with the supplied velcro tape. Fitment was quite easy. Only problem was the one bolt on the right side that doesn't have anything fitted to it normally (on the left side there is the emergency pulling hook attached that was removed). So the thread was rusted but fixed that with tapping it again with M12 tap.

The right wires for the relay kit I got from fellow forum member from this thread: How to fit a universal tow bar electrics kit

3. Fitted relay box to turn off the ESP 100%

After reading from forums about auxliary buttons to disable the ESP by cutting the power to DSS-module to really turn off the ESP. Also looked the NOESP solution that used the original ESP button. But as the official NOESP solution costs 50$ plus shiping I just purchased universal ON-Delay electric relay from Ebay for about 10€. So I hooked it so that the NC contact of the relay is connected in series to the DSS-mudele power. +12V is connected also to the DSS-module power and the GND is connected dark green/white stripe behind the ESP button. I set the delay to app. 4s. So no it works so that when I hold the standard ESP button for 4s I get rid of the ESP 100% and this way no need to add extra button.

To do:
3. Add button to open the trunk from the cabin (button allready ordered)
4. Fix little rust on the inside of the fenders before it gets bad.
5. Upgrade radio/CD to one with GPS/Bluetooth/DVD/MP3/etc (been looking this: MAXYON Hornet GPS Autoradio Chrysler 300C Navi RDS DVD CD USB SD Radio Bluetooth | eBay
6. Buy roof rack (for winter holiday - so no hurry yet)
7. Do service (K&N air filter and new spark plugs (NGK) allready ordered, 5W20 oil still looking...)
8. Change the rear lid gas springs (maybe so heavier ones so would open automatically with remote open...)
9. Something else?