1954-1960 Dodge D100 with mustang II front suspension by saltydog

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1954-1960 Dodge D100 with mustang II front suspension 

Compliments of saltydog @ https://www.allpar.com


Not sure of this has been covered before, anyhow most Mopar fans know that installing a independent front suspension can be rather challenging on dodge trucks from this time period. A few thing that make it tough: frame has an hour glass shape, front axle has too much weight due to the location, much too far back so weight distribution is not ideal, using a Chryler v8 which has the starter is on the driver side making little for exhaust and steering.

So my dad is working on this project for friend, a very nice 54' Dodge d100 step-side with a LA 318, using a oil pan from 60's dodge delivery truck with a front sump oil pickup.

Here is a few pictures, stilling have an issue with front axle weight, springs are just not strong enough, with 2080 lbs on the front axle, we have just ordered beefier springs with ratting of 1800lbs so hopefull that will help.

Forgot to mention, we where at the exhaust shop getting the duals installed, all of which had to be custom work.

While we where there this very nice 64' Newport come in for some exhaust work.