Build Thread: Complete System Install in 2010 Hurst Challenger by Hurst Pak #1

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Build Thread: Complete System Install in 2010 Hurst Challenger

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Hi all-

I have been working on the system in my 2010 Challenger and thought I'd start a build thread.

I'll start with an equipment list and go from there.

Head Unit: Mcintosh MX-406

Mid-range Speakers: Stevens Audio Pro Horns w/ Large Bodies

Mid-bass Speakers: Stevens Audio 2ohm 6x9's

Subwoofers: (2) 15" B&C Neo Drivers mounted Free-air

Mid-range Amplifier: Milbert BaM 235a/b

Mid-Bass Amplifier: Tru Technology B2110

Sub Amplifier: Tru Technology B2200

Line Driver: Tru Technology L8-ix-R

Processor: Arc Audio PS8

Alternator: undecided

Battery: XS Power D6500

Interconnects: IXOS

Looking forward to everyone's feedback. Thanks!

Tuning with the OEM unit didn't work too well...

On to the Mac:

Temporaily mounted:

Custom Mount CAD Drawings:

The mid-bass drivers I'm installing in my doors have a phase plug in place of a traditional dustcap:

Because of this I wanted to have quick access to them so I could clean the gaps. 

Once I had the factory grill trimmed out I started making what would eventually be the new grill:

Once I had the pattern designed I masked off both door panels in preparation for the fiberglass:

Next I trimmed the matting to the rough shape and glued it in place:

Fun with Fiberglass:

Once the resin dried overnight I peeled the mold apart:

Next I trimmed the edges and smoothed everything out based on my original template:

I changed the shape up a bit and layed my original speaker grill on for reference:

Next I wrapped the door again in preparation for adding heavier mat to strenghtening the molds:

Once this was dried I pulled everything apart again and did my final trimming, etc. Now that the mold is nice and strong I can start to add my removable grill(s) and mold them in place:

Here's the final piece ready for vinyl:


Nice build!

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