PICS! NEW Volant CAI (pics/install/review) Part#162576 by OHSNAP

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PICS! NEW Volant CAI (pics/install/review) Part#162576

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So I had the LMI Hammer CAI on my car for about 4 weeks. It was a nice looking piece, I did not see a performance increase but I did like the look compared to the stock intake tube/silencer. Unfortunately, when I was installing it I broke it. What I think happened was I tightened the throttle body clamps over the carbon fiber that wasnt positioned over the actually throttle body extension correctly (the metal throttle body extension obviously provides structural support for the carbon fiber intake tube end when your clamping it down). Anyways, it ended up getting warped. It is not cracked or anything just deformed now, but it still works fine with the TB sleeves on. So I started looking at other CAIs on the market for the 2011-12 models, and there really arent many good options out there yet for the 5.7Ls (2011-current). But I did come across the new Volant CAI, and it appears to be a well built unit, that also incorporates a fender pull tube. I havent ever really seen an install or review of this product for our Challengers so I thought I would make a thread on it to share my thoughts/experience with my compatriots here. Now, I dont care about gains with a CAI, because I know gains from any CAI are negligible (if any). I just like the look of it under the hood. So lets not get into a CAI gains debate here please. I have several intake options that I have already purchased, just because I was curious about the differences. I have the stock unit (which is never going on my car again), I have the 2011-current Charger intake tube that I put on when I take my car to the dealership ($70), I have the now slightly deformed LMI Hammer, and lastly the Volant CAI. I would have stopped at the LMI Hammer purchase but it met an untimely demise.

So I put my Challenger on some Rhino Ramps in front of my house and got to work installing the new Volant CAI for the 5.7Ls. You only have to put your car on ramps/jacks if you plan on installing the fender pull tube onto the bottom of the Volant air-box. You can chose not to install the fender pull tube, and the Volant unit will still pull air exactly how the stock unit pulls air; through the triangle cutout below the stock air-box. With the exception that the Volant unit also has a cutout which faces the grill/headlights to draw in additional air.

If you choose to install the fender pull tube onto the bottom of the Volant air-box you will need to do the following (at least in my experience):

UPDATE: I think you can just drop the unit down into the car with the fender pull tube already attached. Eliminating the need to do steps 1-4 below.

  1. Remove the belly pan and splash shields from underneath the car
  2. Undo the front left (drivers side) portion of your rocker panel (and removal of splash guards if you have those).
  3. Remove the front left drivers side wheel-well liner
  4. Install the fender pull Volant tube onto the bottom of the Volant air-box using the provided clamps and a sleeve.

Removing and re-installing the front drivers side wheel-well liner was by far the most difficult part of the whole install, everything else was pretty easy.

I will say though that the Volant CAI does give my car a deeper sound over stock, and the LMI Hammer. I noticed a distinct increase in my exhaust note. Anyways here are some pictures I will probably have to do this in several threads because I have like 14 or so pictures.

Here are some pictures of the Volant filter. This passage is taken from their website:

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:Volant CAI 16.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:Volant CAI 3.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:Volant CAI 17.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:Volant CAI 15.jpg