1970 Charger Pro-Tour Build - aka "Punishment" by verticalflight

By diyauto
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1970 Charger Pro-Tour Build - aka "Punishment" 

Compliments of verticalflight @ http://www.lateral-g.net


I am building a 1970 Charger, fully modernized, from the ground-up. The name of the car is "Punishment."

The work is being done by Dave Salvaggio, in Milwaukee: http://www.salvaggioautodesign.com/

Dave also built the 1970 Challenger known as "Insidious." Pictures of that car are here:

I'll post pics here as the car gets built.

Here are the designs for the car, rendering by Sean Smith of http://www.seansmithdesigns.com/


Great pics! Sweet ride!

Posted by Diggymart on 8/6/19 @ 12:22:33 PM