My new E-Fan Setup! by jondakotaguy

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My new E-Fan Setup!

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First.. Want to thank the guy that recommended the thread that brought the Jeep Recall Fan to my attention. 

I will be adding a secondary aux fan between the Rad and condenser for sure as a backup... once I get this fan wired into a controller; for now its just on a toggle switch. 

And please dont make fun of the image quality.. it's the best I got.. LOL!!!

Lets start with the Fan it self.. 

next.. the factory fan shroud.. 

After a dry fit.. bending some brackets (so to speak- Notice the angles and bends.. )

Time to drill some holes.. 

Attaching the brackets.. 

Now she is all together 


I did not take pics but i shot some black paint on the 'brackets' and when i get some time ill clean up the shroud and paint the hole thing so its all matching colors.. including the silver bolts.. 

So far the fan works really well.. takes a little longer to wind up to full speed.. and also to come to a stop.. alot more air.. not too sure if the mount location is hurting the air flow or not being this was meant to be against the radiator... but all well.. 

I will be adding like i said and aux fan when i get the controller for this one.. and i will control it with a switch.. for the cases of towing or really hot ass days.. 

Also a side note.. which seems to help it out a little more.. i removed the rubber between the cal and the hood.. seems to help with air flow when stopped..