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2nd Gen Turbo thread

Compliments of 03neonRT @ dodgeforum.com


The average cost for this setup is anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000...just remember, you get what you pay for, and if you buy cheap parts you risk the life of your engine (its dramatic I know, but very true!!). Just remember the general rule of car projects is...CHEAP, FAST, or RELIABLE...you can only pick two!

You can only run 250wtq on stock bottom end before you start breaking rods (estimated)...on a SRT-4 turbo this point will be between 10psi and 12psi. Bottom end rebuild kits are available for roughly $1,100 and will allow you to run 400+whp/wtq. I would suggest only going to 8psi on a stock bottom end with a TD04 turbocharger, but you could push it up to 12psi if you wanted to...remember, PSI is irrelevent since torque is what breaks things inside your engine.

Another thing to remember is your fuel tune is CRITICAL. Even with very low levels of boost if your fuel tune is poor you WILL destroy your motor. Spend the time and money on proper fuel system components and your tune, or you will pay for it later!!

General Components:  

1. TD04 Turbocharger
2. SRT-4 Exhaust Manifold
3. SRT-4 02 Housing
4. SRT-4 Front Mount Intercooler
5. SRT-4 FMIC Piping (Hot and Cold Side) – The piping WILL need to be modified to fit around the 2.0 engine.  
6. Mattdog SOHC to DOHC Manifold Adaptor Plate

Fuel System Components:  

1. Walboro 255lph High Volume Fuel Pump
2. Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator (RRFPR) – Chill Factory, Vortech, BEGI, Cartech, or Equivalent (Chill Factory is the best though). 
3. 30lb Fuel Injectors or SRT-4 Stage 0 Injectors (2003). Stage 1 Injectors could work, but they are too large for a low boost application IMO. 
4. Fuel Return Line AaronNeon Return Line Kit or SpoolBoy mod **.  
5. AOBE Map Clamp or Missing Link – The Missing Link is MUCH better but the AOBE is MUCH cheaper.  
6. Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauge (A/Fr) – AEM UGEO or Innovative Motorsports.  

**The following are the components with part numbers requires to modify your fuel canister ONLY for the SpoolBoy Mod**

XRP part numbers:

340006: -6 push-on hose (1 foot)
340004: -4 push-on hose (1 foot )

230006: Straight -6 push-on hose end
230004: Straight -4 push-on hose end

983306: 90 degree -6 bulkhead fitting
983304: 90 degree -4 bulkhead fitting

992406: 90 degree -6 bulkhead nut
992404: 90 degree -4 bulkhead nut

890206: -6 Stat-O-Seals (2 per package)
890204: -4 Stat-O-Seals (2 per package)

Oil System Components:

1. Melling M190 Oil Pump Not necessarily required, but it has a stronger rotor which is less prone to damage from detonation and failure  

**The Following Are the Components Needed For the Oil Return**

(2) Stat - O - Seals (-10AN) (1) A-N Bulk Head 90*. (-10AN)
(2) Bulk Head Nut. (-10AN)
-10 AN Stainless Steel Braided Hose
(2) Straight Hose End. (-10AN)

**Oil Feed Components**  

(1) -3AN Feed Line
(1) ¼ NPT Male Connector
(1) 1/8 NPT Female Connector
(1) 1/8 NPT to -3AN Adaptor
(1) 1/8 Tee (if you plan on running an oil gauge off the feed)

Miscellaneous Parts:  

1. Oil Pressure Gauge
2. Boost Gauge
3. Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge
4. Wideband A/Fr Gauge (previously mentioned).
5. Gauge Pods  I chose the SRT-4 single dash pod and the Modern Performance Dual Pillar Pod.  
6. Upgraded Clutch (PT Cruiser Non-Turbo, SPEC, etc…).
7. Manual Boost Controller or Electronic Boost Controller.

Optional Parts:  

1. Mopar/Borla 2.5 Cat-back Exhaust (or equivalent).
2. Turbo XS BOV Kit or Equivalent (also need Mopar Block-Off Plate).
3. Megasquirt Standalone Engine Unit (run spark and fuel).
4. Turbo Timer

**NOTE** Other options for fuel management are a 1:1 FPR and the MegaSquirt standalone system. MS'n'S is highly recommended for any R/T going the turbo route because the R/T PCM pulls a lot of spark timing under boost.

2005 SRT-4 Stage 1 Injectors, Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump, SRT-4 Boost/Vac Gauge, and the dash pod...

Complete Intercooler Piping modified to fit around the 2.0 engine bay, equipped with a Turbo XS BOV...

The thing that makes this possible, the turbo manifold adaptor plate...

And of course the SRT-4 IC...a little rough on the front, but for the price, it cant be beat...

The turbo/manifold and 02 housing.

The Chill Factory RRFPR and tuning hardware.