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60mm Throttle Body

Compliments of 03neonRT @ dodgeforum.com


Modification: 60mm Throttle Body 

Manufacturers: Lorenzo, Modern Performance, Howell Automotive. 

Price Range: $259.99 - $269.99 

Where to Buy: ModernPerformance, HowellAutomotive.Com, LFSRacing.Com. 

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 2 

Time For Installation: 30 minutes - 1 Hour 

Expected Gains (in WHP): Depends on current modifications. With little modifications maybe 1-2 WHP, however, much increased throttle response over stock should be expected. 

Explanation of Mod: Stock throttle bodies are sized around 49mm. This is highly restrictive and can be a bottle neck for airflow if you have done appropriate mods such as a full exhaust and intake system. A 60mm Throttle Body will increase the amount of air let into the engine, adding horsepower. 

**Installation Instructions Below Pictures**

First of all you can or dont have to disconnect the negative battery connector. 

1.) Disconnect the clamps on both sides of the throttle body. One is to the intake manifold, and the other to the intake. 

2.) Unbolt the hanger arms attatched to the throttle body. One is attatched on the front, the other to the battery tray. They simply unbolt with no unnecassary disconnections. 

3.) Disconnect the MAP sensor on top of the throttle body. Your new one comes with hex screws so you dont have to worry if you have bad heads on the screws. As well remove the mechanicle lines and all peices attatched to the throttle body. 

4.) Install is the reverse of taking it off. 

I had some problems with the rubber connecting peices not fitting. I used a little hand soap to grease the inside slightly of the rubber parts so the slid on. Using the clamps to tighten them on as tight as possible. I let it sit for a while before turning the car over, listening for anything peculiar. 


The throttle body comes with no bracing at all. When I installed mine I didn't feel happy with it simply bouncing around in my engine bay! 

I when down to Autozone and picked up a 3" exhaust gasket with three wholes. I got home and measured the distance from the FRONT original mount, that kept the stock throttle body in place, to a whole that was pre-drilled into my 60mm throttle body. I cut the exhaust gasket leaving 2 wholes, matching it up I smoothed out the cut and made sure it fit. I then proceded to thread the whole with a similar sized screw thread. So, i then put a washer on both sides of the cut exhaust gasket and attatched the throttle body. This SOLVED the problem of no support!!!